Malargüe is a mountain village nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range, 422 kilometers away from the City of Mendoza and 180 kilometers from San Rafael. It is surrounded by imposing elevations and beautiful valleys and its clear atmosphere invites everyone to enjoy quietness and pleasure.

Malargüe is a major tourist and scientific development pole lying 70 kilometers away from Valle de Las Leñas Ski Resort. Besides, it features natural reserves and diverse sceneries of singular scenic beauty.

The region contains two international passes towards Chile: the Pehuenche Pass and the Planchón Pass. They both lead to the Seventh Chilean Region, thus giving shape to the important Bioceanic corridor between Argentina and Chile.

Malargüe, a site where nature is unspoiled, offers quiet surroundings and the energy of the mountain range and invites us to experience its harmony.

Malargüe lures visitors during all seasons. Its main attractions include: the Witches Cavern, the Malacara Volcano, Manquimalal Cascade, Pincheira Castles, the Trout Farm, the Payunia and Llancanelo Reserves -featuring great scenic beauty and rich bird life species-, the Scientific Circuit with the Planetarium, the Pierre Auger Observatory, the Regional Museum, and the Dinosaur Track Park. Besides, visitors may cross onto Chile through the Pehuenche or Planchón Passes.

In the summer, spring and autumn, the weather in Malargüe favors various activities in all the circuits: guided mountain tours, adventure travel, ecological tourism, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding tours. In the winter, the snow, the Andes Mountain Range and all ski disciplines represent the main attractions at Valle de las Leñas Ski Resort.

TERRAZAS EN EL BOSQUE's proposal includes accommodation with all the comfort, rest, a pleasant and safe natural environment and it is the ideal site to carry out training courses, workshops, group and corporate meetings.

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